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I hope you all are doing well and fine! Welcome to the awesome world of Blockchain Security. As promised in my introductory Genesis 0x00 post, I am back with the first edition of our Genesis Series. For those who don’t know what Genesis is; Let’s do a quick introduction to this series.

Genesis is a series of weekly articles on Blockchain Security, which will include interesting topics such as Blockchain basics, Blockchain Development, Ethereum 101, Building Dapps, Common vulnerabilities in smart contracts, Auditing Solidity source code, Static analysis of Smart contracts, latest news and the future state of DeFi.

🏗️🔨 Building vs Breaking

Without knowing how an application/protocol/framework is built or structured, we cannot proceed further with its security audit or find any vulnerabilities in it, however, If you do manage to find actual vulnerabilities in a smart contract or any blockchain protocol, without having any prior knowledge of how it is built and structured; You were just throwing arrows in the dark, and got lucky.

To a great extent, your ability to break into an application is directly proportional to your understanding of how that application is built and structured, that said we will be focusing on blockchain development before we jump to the security aspects related to it.

This article will be laying down a path/roadmap for us, following which we will enter into the field of Blockchain Security together 🤝.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. - Earl Nightingale

✔️The only Roadmap you need

This Roadmap is not exhaustive, but it is organized and covers all rudimentary topics that one needs to know in order to get into the field of Blockchain Security. It also acts as a guide to our future articles in Genesis Series.

Note: I handpicked these topics and links to the resources listed below, all of these resources are 100% free. In my coming articles in the Genesis Series, we will be starting from Blockchain Basics (skipping rudimentary topics such as basics of internet, Web2.0 security, etc).

✨ Bonus

For your convenience in tracking your progress while following the above roadmap, I am sharing a publicly readable version of my Notion notes, which you can copy it to your own Notion notebook as a template for tracking your progress.

Link to my notion notebook can be found here.

Additional Resources

That was all from my side in this article; See you very soon in Genesis 0x02, Keep warm, stay hydrated and have good day ahead :)

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