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My name is Devansh Batham. I have a solid background in Application Security, DevSecOps, Penetration testing, Bug hunting, and CTFs.

In this personal space (blog) of mine, I try to pen down my thoughts on the present state of Cybersecurity along with what is coming our way in form of major trends in near future, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Security, Philosophy, Future of the Internet (i.e. Web3), Defi/NFTs, Psychology, Learning from books that I read. . .

$ cat about.go

devanshBatham := struct {
    Name string
    Nationality string
    Age string
    Skills []string
    Languages []string
    Technologies []string
    Hobbies []string
    Name: "Devansh Batham",
    Nationality: "Indian",
    Age: "20+",
    Skills: []string{
        "Problem Solving",
        "Web Security",
        "Competitive Coding", 
        "Machine Learning", 
        "Artificial Intelligence", 
    Languages: []string{
    Hobbies: []string{
        "Pokemon cards", 
        "Watching Anime",
        "Mixing/Mastering Lofi beats", 

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